Titanium Disc Bolt Honda Rear

Titanium Disc Bolt Honda Rear


Titanium Disc Rotor Bolts. Replace corroded rusty originals with shiny lightweight titanium versions. For racers a must to reduce un-sprung weight! We have replicated most manufacturers originals bolts. For popular models of bikes you may wish to visit our model specific pages, as we have most sets listed in packs of the correct Number of bolts required. If you wish to order individual disc bolts, we have made it easier by offering a PDF with pages that contain silhouettes and dimensions of our bolts. It is essential for your own safety that you match your original bolt exactly with the correct Pro-Bolt version. Please note the colour finish on titanium is not identical to our aluminium range

Additional Information

Material Titanium Grade 5
Product Type Brake / Caliper
Weight in Gms 7.0000
Bar Code 5053573503909
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Allen Key Size 6mm
Head Diameter 16mm
Head Style Special - Allen Key
Head Height 3mm
Thread Diameter 8mm
Thread Pitch 1.25mm
Thread Length 18mm
Length 24mm
Shank Length 6mm
Pack Quantity 1

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Material Information 


Made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5), the outstanding benefits are that we roll the threads to produce greater fatigue strength and reduce galling. These bolts are in excess of 120,000psi ultimate tensile strength, suitable to replace both Grade 5 and Grade 8 steel bolts. We offer Race Spec drilled Flanged Hex Head Bolts, Flanged Hex Head, Tapered Socket Cap, Countersunk Bolts, Dome Head Bolts, Nuts and Washers – from 3mm to 12mm.

  • Density4420kg/m3 (276lb/ft3)
  • Young's Modulus 110GPa (16 x 106 psi)
  • Yield Strength 828MPa (120 x 103 psi)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength 1030MPa (149 x 103 psi)
  • Compressive Strength 960MPa (139 x 103 psi)
  • Shear Modulus43GPa (6.24 x 106 psi)
  • Ductility 10% elongation at break
  • Poisson's Ratio0.34
  • Hardness 36 Rockwell C
  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio 187 kNm/kg
  • Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio 24.9 Mnm/kg

Black Titanium: Long lasting finish resulting from an application of Diamond Like Coating (DLC). This unique finish increases the fastener lifetime and helps to prevent galling whilst providing a supreme hardness and offering the optimum in corrosion resistance thanks to a nanocomposite coating.

Product Fitment 

  • Motorcycle Honda CB125 All Years
  • Motorcycle Honda CB1300 03-08
  • Motorcycle Honda CB500 Unfaired 96-03
  • Motorcycle Honda CB600 Hornet SFW-SFX 98-99
  • Motorcycle Honda CB900 Hornet 01-07
  • Motorcycle Honda CBF1000 06-09
  • Motorcycle Honda CBF1000 ABS 09-10
  • Motorcycle Honda CBF600S 08-09
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 04-05
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 06-07
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird 97-00
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR400RR NC23 Tri Arm 88-89
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR400RR NC29 Gull Arm 90-94
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600F1-F5 00-04
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600FS1-FS2 01-02
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600FS-FW 95-98
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600FX-FY 99-00
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR 03-04
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR 05-06
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR 07-08
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR900RRN-RRS Fireblade 92-95
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR900RRT-RRV Fireblade 96-97
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR900RRW-RRX Fireblade 98-99
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR929RRY-RR1 Fireblade 00-01
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR954RR2-RR3 Fireblade 02-03
  • Motorcycle Honda VTR1000 F Firestorm 97-05
  • Motorcycle Honda VTR1000 SP1 - RC51 00-01
  • Motorcycle Honda VTR1000 SP2 - RC51 02-05
  • Motorcycle Honda XR400R 96-04
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 08-11
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 12-16
  • Motorcycle Honda CB600 Hornet F7-FAE 07-13
  • Motorcycle Honda CB600 Hornet FY-F6 98-06
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird 01-05
  • Motorcycle Honda NC700 12-13
  • Motorcycle Honda XL1000V V4-V9 Varadero 01-10
  • Motorcycle Honda XL700 VA Transalp 08-12
  • Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR 09-12

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