Stainless Steel Fender & Hugger Bolt Kit (MUDHUGSS)

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Highly Polished Stainless Steel Fender & Hugger Bolt Kit.

Very popular bolt combination means this kit will fit many bikes. Kits contain Qty 8 x M6 x 20mm Dome Head Fasteners, anti-scratch washers, Allen key and Pro-Lube.

Bolts are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish - this combination means that not only do they look good, but are easy to maintain.

This is an area of the bike where original bolts suffer quickly from corrosion - our stainless steel bolts are the perfect solution.

Stainless Steel
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Bodywork / Fairing
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ISP_PRODUCT_FINDER: Yamaha:YZF-R6:2002, Yamaha:YZF-R6:2005, Yamaha:YZF-R1:2002, Yamaha:YZF-R1:2003, Yamaha:YZF-R6:2003, Yamaha:YZF-R6:2004, Yamaha:YZF-R1:2004, Yamaha:YZF-R1:2005, Yamaha:YZF-R1:2006, Kawasaki:ZX-10R E8F-E9FA Ninja:2008, Kawasaki:ZX-10R E8F-E9FA Ninja:2009, Kawasaki:ZX-10R E8F-E9FA Ninja:2010, Kawasaki:ZX-10R BF-CF:2011, Kawasaki:ZX-10R BF-CF:2012, Kawasaki:ZX-10R BF-CF:2013, Kawasaki:ZX-10R BF-CF:2014, Kawasaki:ZX-10R BF-CF:2015, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1989, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1990, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1991, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1992, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1993, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1994, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1995, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1996, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1997, Aprilia:Climber 280-300:1998, Aprilia:RS125:1994, Aprilia:RS125:1995, Aprilia:RS125:1996, Aprilia:RS125:1997, Aprilia:RS125:1998, Aprilia:RS50:1998, Aprilia:RS50:1999, Aprilia:RS50:2000, Aprilia:RS50:2001, Aprilia:RS50:2002, Aprilia:RS50:2003, Aprilia:RS50:2004, Aprilia:RS50:2005, Yamaha:YZF-R6:1999, Yamaha:YZF-R6:2000, Yamaha:YZF-R6:2001, Aprilia:RS125:1999, Aprilia:RS125:2000, Aprilia:RS125:2001, Aprilia:RS125:2002, Aprilia:RS125:2003, Aprilia:RS125:2004, Aprilia:RS125:2005


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    Stainless steel fender & hugger bolts

    Posted by William Long on 18th Mar 2021

    Works great for other purposes, great accent pieces for custom projects. I like the included hex head bit and anti seize. Love the product